Plans and Performance

The performance of the Home Improvement Agency is monitored via board that consists of representatives across the three district councils and Cambridgeshire County Council.

The board sets and agrees the strategic direction of the agency with a particular focus on delivering adaptations, funded through disabled facilities grants (DFGs). The role of the agency also includes maximising the well-being of its customers.

Annual report

Explaining what we do and who benefits form our service, including information about our funding and plans.

Our aims

Improve performance by

  • Monitoring the performance of new contractors
  • Introducing one new service Level Agreement aimed at speeding up the landlord consent process
  • Developing the service in light of new guidance issued in 2022

Improving customer service by:

  • Publishing new Customer Service Standards
  • Continuing to develop the new IT system and develop the customer portal
  • Increasing take up of non grant funded adaptations/develop self funded market

Increase awareness and take up of grants in Cambridge City by:

  • Targeted work on promoting DFG’s in Cambridge City where current uptake of grants is lower
  • More focused campaigns targeting health inequalities

Promote wellbeing by:

  • Continuing to provide targeted grants that improve Housing, Health and Safety Assessment outcomes
  • Continue targeting grants to help reduce fuel poverty