Housing Options

Adaptations do not always offer an effective solution and it may be worth considering the pros and cons of moving.

If you do decide to move, our surveyor can work with you and your Occupational Therapist to assess potential properties to ensure that they would suit your needs.

Your local authority may also be willing to help with the costs of relocation.

More information about your options:

Relocation grants are also available for those who move instead of having adaptations completed in their home. The council will award up to £5,000 to covers costs such as:

  • removal expenses
  • new carpets/soft furnishings where the existing cannot be reused
  • new white goods where the existing cannot be reused

These grants are meant to be in lieu of what the council would have spent adapting your existing home and assume that the new property will be more suitable requiring fewer adaptions. They are not moving grants.